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 Massimiliano Piovesan and Gloria Molinari


Before of all, I would want to tell how we have met Max and I. A curious story: More or less on March 2000. One day in which I was making one of my usual searches on Pope Luciani via Internet, I found a link that led me to a page of the newspaper "Avvenire". There was a letter signed by Massimiliano Piovesan addressed to the newspaper that spoke about the Bellunese Pope. "What a pity", I have said, "they have not reported his address! How I'd wish to contact him!" Some months later - the Lord has heard my desire - Max appeared by writing to my website. And I: "Are you the same one who has written that letter to "Avvenire"?"


Then, we have begun exchanging correspondence. One day on December 2000, he has had the "holy" idea of founding  a fan club dedicated to " smiling Pope" and has asked my opinion. After a little bit of astonishment, they said to myself: "Why not? Of course, yes! It's a beautiful thing!" and so on December 17th 2000 "Amici di Papa Luciani Fans Club" ("Pope Luciani's Friends Fans Club"). But it is not the end. Max, the Club coordinator, has asked me the favour of helping him. Still astonishment and some doubt... Also because he has told me he would be happy if I accepted. And I could not say no! Because it made me happy to work for our beloved Pope, too. Therefore, we have undertaken together this road in order to keep the memory of an extraordinary man Albino Luciani has been.



Here the Club's link




Some of the activities on which we have taken part:




- Visit at Canale d'Agordo (April 15th 2002)


- Visit at Canale d'Agordo (August 26th 2002) for the XXIV Anniversary of John Paul I's Papal Election

(Announcement of the beginning of the preliminary research for the eventual Cause of Beatification)


Note from the author regarding this announcement



- Holy Mass in Padova (Saint Anthony's Basilica) for the XXIV Anniversary of death.


- Some members of the Club





- XXV Anniversary of the Election of Pope Luciani - Iº Meeting of "Amici di Papa Luciani" (25-26-27 August 2003)


- XXV Anniversary of Pope Luciani's death - September 28th, 2003


- Official beginning of the Canonisation Process of Papa Luciani - November 23th, 2003



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