Letters from the Patriarch of Venice, Albino Luciani



To Jesus - "I write trembling"

To Carlo Goldoni: "The feminists and St. Vilgefortis' beard"

To Andreas Hofer: "The calling from the Iselberg" To Penelope: "In the good luck and in the bad luck" To Saint Bernardine: "Seven rules" still useful To SaintTheresa of Lisieux: "Joy, exquisite charity" To Pinocho: "When you fall in love"
To Saint Bonaventura: " 'Baron' also him?"



To Alessandro Manzoni: "The only aristocracy"
To King David: "The funerals of my pride" To Mark Twain: "Three Mr. John in one"

To Charles Dickens: "We are at the bottom"

To Petrarca: "Confession 600 years later"
To the Bear of St. Romedio: "Dirty mouth" To St. Theresa of Avila: "Theresa, one coin and God"
To Wolfgang Goethe: "Nobility obliges"

To Sir Walter Scott: "Nostalgia of the cleaning"

To Alvise Cornaro: "We are old, are we on our last legs?"

To Don Gonzalo Ferández of Córdoba: "The guerrilla' s bells"

To St. Francis of Sales: "On God' s ship"

To St. Luke, the Evangelist: "No forbide" To Quintiliano: "Other times, other school..." To Charles Péguy: "We are God' s astonishment" To St. Bernard: "If you govern, be prudent"
To Hipocrate: "The four moods" To Pavel J. Cicikov: "Time of impostors" To Felix Dupanloup: "We have texts, but what about heads?" To Guglielmo Marconi: "You would see extraordinary things" To Mary Theresa of Austria: "Beautiful without extravagancies" To Christopher Marlowe: "The most successful mockery of the devil" To Giuseppe G. Belli: "Words, words, words..."
To Paul, the Deacon: "The bad habit of holidays" To Gilbert K. Chesterton: "In what kind of world..." To Lemuel, King of Massa: "King Lemuel and the ideal woman" To Trilussa: "In the heart of the mistery" To Aldo Manuzio: "From the times of the 'Gobo di Rialto' " To the unknown painter of the castle: " Four paintings in the old castle" To Casella, musician: "The music of riconciliation"

To the four ones from the Pickwick Club: "The mistakes and the scale of Mohs"

To Figaro, the barber: "Revolution for the revolution"




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To Jesus: I write trembling

To Pinocchio: When you Fall in Love

To King David: The Funerals of my Pride

To Mary Theresa of Austria: Beautiful without Extravagancies

To Figaro, the barber: Revolution for the Revolution





Albino Luciani


Edizioni Messaggero - Padova


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